As usual I don’t have a clue about what to write here. Nothing new you could say. Well.. I am 31 at the time I’m writing this and I’m actually living in my hometown, Bergamo which is located in the northern part of Italy.

I work for my own company, Altralogica s.r.l.
We develop software, both web and desktop based. In the last couple of years we focused on business management products, but we’ve been writing software of all kinds during our life, even iPhone games recently.

I used to have a resumè online for those interested in hiring me or my company but it’s so out of date, so you will have to wait or get in touch with me directly to learn more about my past working experiences.

If we take a look at what I do outside of the working sphere, I am a quite good guitar player. I spent some years studying with a famous guitar teacher, Paolo Filippi, who now owns a recording studio called Cavò Studio.
I used to play with different bands during all those years and the one I loved the most was called Bathroom Machine. Nowadays I’m playing in a funk/rock band called Manzanilla Food. You should really check out our latest demo.

I’m a passionate gamer and I’ve been both coding, drawing and modeling for my own games or for mods and emulators since I was a kid. You can see some of my drawings in my photo gallery at DeviantArt. I’ve partecipated in so many different gaming projects that I can hardly recall them all, but I think the most famous of my entire career has been the UOX3, an Ultima Online server emulator I used to work on at around the 1998 and that is still supported (by others) as I’m writing this. I worked on Neverwinter Night shards (Kyrandia being the most important, where I first implemented the PWDB module to store persistent data), Unreal Tournament 2004 mods, independent projects using OGRE and of course my own 3D engine back at the time when there were no 3D accellerated cards.

I used to be the Guild Leader of a World of Warcraft guild called Anathema on Terenas (EU). We were a high end raiding guild and as such, this had become my second job. Nowadays I’m still raiding but I’m no longer leading any guild. Nonetheless I’m still interested in theorycraft of guild management, so feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss these topics.

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